QYC Series Tension Hydraulic Jack

QYC series of hydraulic jack is multifunctional prestressed tension equipment for mono strand, easily operation. It can be used for stressing single strand, it also could be used for stressing multistrands one by one, tension and trouble clearing, and it can be suitable for many different specific high strength steel wire and PC strands.


1.It is widely used for the construction of bridge and buildings, railway and subway, water conservancy and hydropower engineering matched with prestressed anchorage and strands

2. It is suitable for stressing mono strands, the specification is Φ15.24 andΦ12.7.

3. Easy to use with reasonable price.

4. Jack is used for prestressing workshop.

Technical parameters
Mode Tonnage Tension force KN Stroke mm Central diameter mm Dimension mm Weight kgs Rated oil pressure Number of max. Tension strands
QYC230 23 230 200 Φ18 Φ105*561 20 63Mpa Single strand
QYC270 27 270 200 Φ18 Φ106*550 27 63Mpa Single strand
QYC270 30 300 200 Φ30 Φ115*566 30 63Mpa Single strand
QYC400 40 400 200 Φ30 Φ148*592 30 63Mpa Single strand

QYC270 hydraulic jack

QYC270 hydraulic jack

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